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RÊVER LA GUERRE / I DREAM THE WAR / СНИЛАСЬ ВІЙНА is an ambient and field recording soundscape with Ukrainian people dreams about the war. the piece was presnted as an installation during exhibitions at Le Couvent and socl:e.

sleep radio is a series of mixes created for ola radio during the residency there. gentle scapes made of textures, voices, and toy instruments that unfold the space of sleeping and dreaming.

dream catalogue is a sonic project with the goal to research neuroscientifically and sociologically dream accumulated experiences, or dreams which have their internal memory based on previous episodes.

the soundscapes are based on collected voice narrative of dreams. all narratives were grouped into categories and subcategories. each category specifically coded and named with its code.

REM stands for rapid eyes movement a stage of sleep where human see dreams. sound describes the transition between previous phase of deep sleep and REM. it starts with static frequencies and monotony. high notes simulates the day events that human brain process while asleep.

this piece was a part of sleep orchestra installation. an installation took place at thecamp in aix-en-provence, france and ZER01 in seoul, south korea.

SLEEPWALKING soundscape consists of the sound and narrative, and brings up both the
feeling/atmosphere of the sleep disorder along with its proven/verified
neuroscientific description.


the sound texture tends to repeat the malfunctioning brain activity. while the narrative usually emphasises the behavioral or perceptual aspect. each instrument is created separately out of the narrative pieces, field recordings, modulated feedback loops.

the piece won the Composing Sonic Futures grant by 4DSOUND studio.

video by nimova projeckt.

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